Martin’s season ruined by shoulder injury

Martin’s season ruined by shoulder injury

On his first day back since his shoulder injury, he was in a dark dressing room of Newcastle’s training ground trying to forget his troubles. The injury to the left arm that left him out for 바카라two months had sidelined him for half of last season, but on the eve of his second-biggest game in Newcastle’s history – his 100th league start – there was a strange sense of reassurance about the 26-year-old’s health. A week before that he was part of United’s Europa League draw at PSV Eindhoven.

That game came on the eve of the start of pre-season. For two months he was under pressure to prove that he was fit for Newcastle’s pre-season. His first practice match was a win over Blackburn, but when his recovery took a sudden turn for the worse that day it was almost impossible to watch a Newcastle training session without a feeling of despair.

He was already on crutches for a shoulder injury but would not recover.

“I am still a little bit of a doubt I바카라사이트 will be able to come back for this season. If you look at what I got during the first half of the season against Hull, we were very inconsistent, very good defensively. It was a big blow. We have a good idea of what we need to do now and this is something I was prepared to do for the first six months before getting to the start of this season,” says Roos.

Roos knew that he wouldn’t score on the first Saturday after he had broken his collarbone in November 2012. Before it was revealed his injury, it looked like he could walk after a month.

“Then at half-time when you are injured you don’t want to play so much,” says Roos. “If you are hurt it is not that easy. If you are not play바카라사이트ing you have to take it one step at a time and if you don’t want to play for six months you have to recover and get back to your normal level.”

Roos’s career changed forever as his season ended the night of the first victory over the Red Devils. A hamstring injury at Newcastle that had cost him six matches cost Roos his first of the year – and his career.

That was the first loss of his career

With his first goal being a header at Old Trafford he knew he had done enough damage, and was ready to play on for a title-chasing campaign.

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